TWO: Introductory Address

by Frank Camilleri.

TWO - A Performance Structure, 19-22 June 2003.

Welcome to Icarus Performance Project (Malta). It is indeed a pleasure having you here tonight.

Initiated in 2001, the Icarus Project is an ongoing research project that focuses exclusively on the craft of the performer.

Last year we presented ICARUS 4 – a performative event made up of four solo pieces that marked the First Phase of the Project. This year we are presenting TWO – A Performance Structure within the Second Phase of the Project.

In TWO we have tried to bring together two of the four solos from ICARUS 4.

TWO is not being presented as a ‘performance’ but as an ‘evolving structure’ that attempts to facilitate the performative condition. The aim of the Project is not so much the presentation of performances as an investigation into the work of the performer, and for this to be possible, a vertical approach (to focus on an evolving structure) rather than a horizontal one (to produce various structures) has been adopted. The ICARUS 4 material developed in TWO will serve as the foundation blocks for other presentations within future phases of the Project.

TWO is the other side of the coin of the Tekhn? Sessions we presented in February and March this year. The two branches of the Project’s Second Phase (TWO and Tekhn? Sessions) both focus on the performative condition: whilst Tekhn? Sessions explore the performative within the fluid space between technique and performance structures, TWO does so within the parameters of a performance structure with a set beginning, middle, and end.