RISK: El Riesgo de La Reina

RISK: El Riesgo de La Reina is the second step in Icarus Project’s work on an evolving performance structure inspired by Don Quixote. Based on La Riena (the Project’s vocal structure which fuses material from Cervantes’s masterpiece with other textual sources), RISK explores liminal areas of theatre performance.

Apart from the multi-tiered vocality of the songs and texts in RISK, the performance process incorporated digital/video projections and an installation-spatial setting in its performative weave. Structured improvisation and choral work were also explored in RISK's performative rendition of some Don Quixote themes, especially the contrast between illusion and reality.

The spatial setting of RISK (MITP Theatre, 2007) was an installation with a 5m-by-13m veil-curtain dividing the theatre in two with actors and audience members located on both sides of the veil. Structured improvisation and choral work were other aspects of the research that went into RISK.

RISK was a SUPA 2007 presentation in association with Malta Arts Festival 2007.

Photos by Sandro Spina